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Vastu For Plot

Vastu For Plot

The major factors to be kept in mind while selecting the plots are : Geographical surroundings, Level of the land and Roads around the plot. You have carefully observe that, is there any street focus to the plot or not. No problem with some street focuses, but care should be taken on some bad street focuses. We earn money and spend it, but we cannot earn luck or good life, its not available in the market. So be cautious before buying new properties, don't buy the property with your own vastu knowledge, it may hurt you in future, fortunately if your decision of buying new plot is OK, then all went good, otherwise critical situation has to be faced. Generally square and rectangular sites are the preferred sites. As our Saints and Rushis expressed that Vastu Purusha fits in perfectly in a square plot and the body parts of Vastu Purusha fit in well in a square or rectangular structures or plots. Vastu Shastra advocates balance, symmetry and harmony in construction. Don't neglect on "vastu for plots", before taking the decision. Your next generation should not be suffer with your blind action of bought the new properties. Intelligent people never do mistakes they never check the amount spending in the name of Vastu, they always search for a Reputed Vastu Specialist and then only they are taking decisions. Half knowledge people or benighted people always doing mistakes because they cannot take any decision and fall down into deep abyss, they are always depending on quacks and hear their voices, causes to changing the right decisions into wrong decisions. Now a days illiterates are searching for the expert vastu specialist and taking their recommendations after showing their wished properties to buy. Hats off to them. Now enter into the world of Vastu for Plots. Buying the land as per vastu shastra may not be possible with own decision, get vastu experts assistance to have perfect land to buy.

One should be careful on 'plot cuts', "Truncation of Plots", any reductions of directions of a said plot affects the people residing in that structure. In commercial Vastu Shastra, especially for big layouts or for industrial plots, it has been seen that reclaimed land or agricultural land or site is developed and allotted. More often than not their plots are of irregular shapes with inauspicious reductions and extensions. Any cut in any of the corners is inauspicious as some or the other body part of Vastu Purush gets chopped off. Although Northeast has been given the most important position by all classical and modern scholars of vaastu, all the other angles are of equal importance in vastu shastra.

We know that each small nerve, smallest of body parts and minute cells are essential for proper functioning of human body and a disorder in any of them cause great discomfort, unease and trauma. Imagine cutting off of a portion of Vaastu Purush’s body. There is no doubt that any cuts will lead to distress and trauma for the owner. Any cuts or reductions point towards an inherent weakness and imbalance of elements in the site or structure. The exceptions are any cuts or reductions in vaastu which lead to an extension in the North-East or Eashanya (Northeast) Kona. Northeast is considered to be the most important direction in vaastu. The cuts in East or southeast and north of North West are auspicious as they augment or extend the north-east of the site. Plots which have natural extensions towards the northeast are very auspicious leading to all round prosperity and health. No rectifications are needed in these cases. A Cut or reduction in the northeast is worst. It adversely affects prosperity, growth and happiness of the owners. For a detailed understanding of the effects of reductions refer to a comprehensive study – vastu for homes by the same author and publication. As far as possible, rectify any irregular shapes or cuts in the corners of the plot and make the site of land square or rectangular. To minimize the bad effects it is recommended to rectify the site by constructing a wall of 3 feet height so that the site has a square or rectangular shape. The cut-off portion can be utilized for a separate shop, showroom or godown depending on the direction and requirements”.

Please note that some of the scholars expressed their own views, now we have a look on the plots which are the good and which are giving bad results. According to Vastu Shastra square or rectangular sites are considered best for residential or commercial purposes. But in actual practice we find the plot shapes to be irregular more often than not. The effects of plots extended in different directions or reductions in some corners is of prime concern. Care should also be undertaken while carrying out extensions in an already constructed property. It has been observed that very bad results accrue to the owner after purchase of additional plot of land in the south, west or south-west of the existing property. As a general rule, avoid buying land or carrying out extensions in the south, west, south-west, south-east or north-west of your site. Buy any land which is on the north, east, or north-east of your property. Only sites which have extensions / growth towards north-east are auspicious. This rule is valid for any naturally extended plots buying additional adjacent land and extensions carried out in existing built-up structures.

Acquisition of neighboring sites : Some times there is need to buy the neighbor properties. Before acquiring such properties one should be very careful or aware of some principles of vasthu shastra. One should not buy the West of South properties existing towards his own properties. As per tenets of vasthu it is always laudable to acquire plot or house existing in North or East or Northeast. Any way it is better to approach one best expert vasthu consultant before taking any such decision of extension purchases. If there is North site is for sale for your existing property, if your site is having Northeast street focus, at that time you should not buy the North site. Logical point. Beware of acquisition neighborhood properties.

Vastu Shastra for Plots and their Extensions Here the existing plot owner has purchased the red marked plot, this will be called as extension of plot. The direction for this extension is to be called as Southwest-south extension. This extension is not at all good. Don't go for this type of Extensions. Please read this content. Plot is different and house is different. If there is a house already constructed at this shown image, afterwords buying the Southwest-south extension plot that would not be the safe as per vastu. The second argument is if there is a plot and got an opportunity to buy Southwest-south plot then it may or may not be bad. Because residents were not lived here, its a vacant plot. Based on the measurements we have to decide this addition of the plot to the existing plot. Generally people doing a great mistake by taking their own decision by having vastu knowledge by reading vastu books and vastu information from websites, this is not the right way in following few information, practical knowledge is different and booking knowledge is different. Please remind the same. Before buying the property which is any kind like home, plot, flat etc its always best to approach one good vastu expert, there after decide whether to buy or leave it. We request you this is the life, which you are going to live or rent it to others, don't play with your life. A small payment to the vastu consultant may save your life many other dependents. Some residents requires to save money and they are taking their own decision and buying the properties, at last they suffer a lot. You are intelligent, trust you never do such mistakes.

Vaastu Shastra for PlotsIn this image the extension shown with red colour mark, that is blinking. This extension is Southwest-west. Before this kindly check the direction of the plot, "East" direction was indicated for reader understanding purpose. As discussed in the above image this extension is also not suggested to buy, before finalizing any thing, better to read the above para, almost same principles or tips are being applicable to this extension. Buying or extending is not recommended, but on such circumstances we may change the thought which was shown in the above para. The perfect system is based on the measurements and for the vacant plot we may decide to buy or leave it. We are also recommending to visit these links to learn more on these extension of the plots buying.

Vasthu Shastra for Plots SelectionNow in this picture, exactly southwest corner has been raised. This is very bad, not bad its serious thing. Don't do like this " Nairuthi Extension" (Southwest)

Vastu Shastra for south extension plotsHere Entire south side extended. One should not buy the south side plot for his existing house. This will give very bad results. This may ruin the money and health. Please be careful when deal with extensions of properties.

Vaasthu Shastra for West Extension plots Here the west side plot has been extended or the existing house owner has purchased the west side plot, it should not be mixed with existing house, this is very bad result oriented direction.

In this below links we developed links with some more useful information on how to choose the plots to buy adjoining to our existing plots or house.

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This link is also has useful information vastu for sites in this link we may found that how many types of sites are there etc info is available. Herewith again we reiterate the important information that extension of the plot may causes high rich or become poor, there is lots of things which we should not forget to take expert vastu consultants opinion, though residents may face glitches in approaching the specialist vastu pandits. There is no constraint to take vastu consultation from us only, you may approach any vastu expert belongs to India only. Don't take consultation from foreign vastu consultants. The suffrage discretion in selecting the consultant be always with residents only.