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Karuna Reiki

Karuna Reiki

Karuna Reiki

Karuna is a Sanskrit word which is translated to mean any action that is taken to decrease the struggling of others and may also be translated as "Compassionate Action”. 

The branch of Karuna Reiki is formed by William Rand, founder of this path of Reiki education. The system originated from Kathleen Milner's system of Reiki referred to as Tera-Mai. William Rand took the symbols used by Kathleen and meditated on them, for use of and the attunement system. With minor alterations the William Rand could makes use of symbols and in addition he got alignment to the attunement technique as per the divine guidance during meditation. With this realignment, the power of the entire system shifted. The primary requirement of Karuna Reiki is to be executed after a person undergoes learning of Usui Reiki. The Karuna Reiki is used in conjunction with the Usui Reiki for more powerful and sustained healing results with lot of compassion.

Karuna Reiki holds exceptional opportunities for our lives’ betterment in all ways, which have to be chosen wishfully to be within the course of joyful existence.  The basic fundamental requirement is that we need to be willing to permit pass of conventional (the modern conventions and not spiritual) ways of doing.  The existence is not based on struggles and continuously recognition of worries of life; instead it is a consistent journey to evolve as a better human who is fully devoted and committed to the humanity with lots of compassion.  Karuna Reiki believes in nurturing the inner strength of life that may lift us up to a higher expertise and be more fit in a manner of leading our day-to-day lives.  

Karuna Reiki is an vital electrical force that comes from the Creator or the Universe and also flows via the ones higher beings which have emerge as liberated from the illusion of the material living.  This exceptional strength is full of compassion for all those who are ready to go through the path of healing, Soul, Mind and Body.  Vital life force is all round us and all we need to do is, is to be attuned to it and invite it in our life for it to start work in our lives and we start living with love and compassion. We simply start to float with these energies and be in line with the Universe.  Openness and willingness to be liberated to lifestyles with compassion is the key here.

Karuna Reiki is form of spiritual (not restricted to any Sect or Religion) satisfaction that develops deep inside us as we progress in this divine path of this journey. The path of spirituality does not come from worshiping, but it comes from inside, as we open ourselves to the well-known laws of gratitude.  It creates a steadily growing cognizance that we're all one in the Universe.  This sense of oneness brings with it immense energy that goes beyond all earthly power.  It is the strength of affection and appreciation that can be felt deep inside the heart.   It lets us understand that we aren't on my own and that we're cherished and cared only by the Creator of this Universe. There is a subtle feeling of incredible self esteem in the improvised new way of being.

The services of Karuna Reiki can be available at Dwarka, Delhi, Gurgaon/Gurugram, Noida, Faridabad by contacting the Trust for in person healing, otherwise the healing is accessible across the entire world since the healing is a touchless one and can be harnessed from anywhere, till the time you are open to seek the healing yourself.

Symbols Used in Karuna Reiki

Zonar – Being pronounced as "Zoe Nar", with means infinity or eternity. It is believed to work with our cells, deep inside from the current and past lives. Zonar helps in releasing Karmas, create clarity and open our hearts to compassion. With this our attention broadens, whilst Zonar opens its dimensions to the Universe. In Karuna ReiKi system, Zonar symbol helps us connects to the inner compassionate strength.

Rama - Rama is inter-changeably being used for Ram (God from Hindu mythology) or God and used for an approach which is abiding to path of joy. Rama helps us connects to the God, Earth strength and our lower six chakras. Rama is used create willpower and revive someone's self belief and attention.

Harth - Harth is the primary and main symbol used in Karuna Reiki. Harth restores our love of existence helps to heal problems of the coronary artery heart.

Halu - Halu means love, fact, beauty, concord and balance which gives limitless compassion.

Gnosa – Gnosa is pronounced as Know Sa with G silent. The word comes from mystical and religious data acquired via feeling and prophecies from God. Gnosa allows launch our better self to communicate with utmost sincerity in every situation of life.  With the increase in recognition of the Universal lasws, it helps to uplift the focus on developing a right way for connecting to the God. Like Harth, Gnosa is also one of the primary symbols used in Karuna Reiki.


Being pronounced as Kree Yah, is denoting balancing of perfect movement. Kriya relates to manifestation of physical requirements.  Kriya assists heal the human race by balancing energy, increases consciousness and transforms belief in human species.


Being pronounced as Shawn-Tee, means manifestation technique for peace.  Shanti facilitates healing of the past (either memories or deeds) and helps in reclaiming peace for the present. Shanti helps to loosen our attachments to the memories, acts, possession, deeds, achievements of past to get healed. It helps us to releases worry, anger, harm or any other negative thing of past and make the present peaceful and calm.


Iava is being pronounced as Ee-Ah-Vah, which is to balances the four factors. The manifestation technique is by drawing small loops and invoking first the Earth, second the Water, third the Wind or Air or Vayu and lastly the Fire. Iava helps in coming out of illusion by conditioning and factual clarity. Iava aids in acting from inner core of truth and not live in illusions. Iava is a great sign for helping to heal the mother Earth.


Dumo is being pronounced as Do Moe which is used to represents the swirling warmth of the Kundalini. Even being referred to as Tibetan healing’s master symbol.  The warmth felt over the backbone on awakening of Kundalini is also denoted by Tibetan symbol Dai Ko Mio. Dumo activates the Root Chakra by fire thereby eliminating the negative emotions, fear and ill health.  The end result is overall health and wellbeing.

Tibetan Fire Serpent

There is a Fire Serpent that gets awakened sooner or later of attunement in the Kundalini, which is known as Kundalini awakening.  On awakening of the Kundalini, the fire serpent will become active and work as per manifestation. It can either release all negative emotions ground them through the Root chakra or that the energy may travel upwards towards the Crown Chakra and through which it will connect to the Universal life force. The end result is the alignment and harmonization of all the Chakras in the body.


Om is sound of vibration of universal forces.  It has its origin from Sanskrit.  It is being pronounced as A U M. Om is considered to be a sacred sound emitted by the Universal forces when it reaches to the Earth, but the frequency of the sound is so low that the human ears cannot hear the same till he or she is spiritually awakened.  These have been proved over time by various scientific researches.  Om represents unified forces running through us as one creation of the divine powers.  Anything in the Universe is all the same be it above you or below you, left or right of you, what differs is the way they are positioned.  From inner core it is the same vital life force coming in from the Universe.  Once this clarity is achieved there is no revelry, there is no ego, there is hurting; it just transform to unification and singleness in harmony.   Om helps in Creation, Preservation and Destruction, which is creation of life, preservation or nurturing of life and destruction of all evil forces. Om cleans, stabilizes and seals the purification, protects and connects us with God. Om opens the crown chakra and opens a pathway to God and higher attention.


Raku is used for attunements and not during individual healings. Raku help to carry the upliftment and initiate awareness. Hara Line gets activated using Raku and opens channel for bringing Reiki energy in the body through the Chi channels.  It is used during the completion of attunements in each Usui Reiki and Karuna Reiki attunements.  Use to separate the Master on completion of attunement process.