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Frequently Asked Questions

Lets us help you with your questions.

Q: What is Vastu?
A: To understand what Vastu is, please look in the relevant Services Section.

Q: What are the five key elements on which Vastu is based and where are they indicated?
A: The key five elements of Vastu are Air at North West, Water at North East, Fire at South East, Earth at South West and Space at Center or Brahmasthan.

Q: Is Vastu a Hindu practice?
A: Never. Vastu is a Science, which bring in practices used harmoniously utilize the energies of nature in human life for a better living. Hinduism practices are been based on scientific principles. Early day intellectuals have conceptualized designing of house as per the nature’s law. Since they were Hindus, these concepts are placed as part of Religious books of Hinduism. Does this make the science belong to any particular Religion? That way all the inception of surgery has a mention in Hindu Religious books, should surgery be also treated as a Religious act?

Q: What is the direction in which I should not sleep Vastu and why?
A: As per Science (including Vastu) the magnetic fields of earth flows from North to South over the surface of the Earth and get submerged in the Earth’s core from South. When we Sleep keeping our head towards the North, our head gets maximum exposure to the magnetic fields. While we all know during lying position maximum blood is accumulated at head. Since blood has Ferrous in it, can will eventually get inducted with Magnetic field and lead to varied medical issues like high blood pressure, dizziness, irritation, etc.
The problem will never occur in a day or a week or a month. It happens only with sustained exposure over elongated period.

Q: What is the ideal direction of Kitchen and why?
A: Kitchen is ideally to be placed at South East of the house. As per early practices, the cooking used to happen during the early day times only, hence the Sun will have a direction exposure during mid day in the Kitchen and help in deodorization, disinfection, etc., giving health benefits. Also, with the exposure of the Sun light during cooking, the ladies would have better utilization of the Sun light to help strengthen bones, blood vessels, tissues to name a few.

Q: What is the ideal direction of the Bed Room and why?
A: The ideal direction of the Bed Room for Adults is at South West, which is the place for Earth element. Also, Sun being strong in South West, it will help in deodorize and disinfect the room. The Adults would use the Bed Room only during the night to retire. Staying sustained in South West room during the day may bring ill effect on health and temperament due to over exposure of Sun during day time.
For Kids, the North or East Bed rooms are considered best. The reason for North is cool and calmness, since there is no exposure of direct Sun and East for early exposure of Sun to harness the best health benefits of Sun. Also, it is seen that kids have habit of invading the Bed Rooms during the day time also. Exposure of North and Eastern directions would not have any ill effect of health during the day times also.

Q: What is Numerology and why should I know about my numbers?
A: This is also one of the first ask any person coming for prediction. My question here is did you think of something or not to come and ask about your numbers; definitely, yes. Unless your conviction had triggered you would have not asked me this question. However, I understand that there are elements of doubt.
Let me clarify that these are ancient systems which have been backed by substantive results for hundreds of years. There are no material facts to prove through lab results.
Every number from 1 – 9 has an association with character. Presence and absence of each number in your life has its own positive and negative effects. With numerology we can identify such pain areas of yours and help you do remedies for leading your life better. We can only suggest. You are the change maker. Unless you decide, it is never to come.

Q: What is holistic healing?
A: Holistic healing is system of healing modality, wherein a patient is put across healing without any medicine, testing or even physical examination. The modality does not require the patient to even touch. In majority of the cases (90%) of the cases we do not need the patient to be physically present for the healing requested. In remaining of 10% of the cases we may need to speak to the person or look at the person to understand the level of mental deterioration for deeper understanding and faster results. Once the need of patient to be physically present is ruled out, it does not matter if the person is in the same city, district, state, country or even the continent.

Q: If holistic healing so strong, why do you have so many modalities within holistic healing?
A: This is a question, which I often encounter. It is true to some extent why do we need so many branches within holistic healing. Ultimately it is the universal force of energy that is being harnessed to manifest the healing.
As human mind is quite unique so are the values and benefits reaped through these different modalities. Each of these modalities have been created by different people, who with their thoughts and alignment could find see the way they understood have formed that as a practice, which made them more comfortable in preaching also.

Q: What are the chances of any reaction during dealing?
A: Holistic healing is absolutely safe and does not have any side effect or reaction unlike conventional medicines. I by all means do not want to demean modern medicine. We do not induce anything in any form in the body. We even do not touch the patient or even need to the patient during healing sessions most of the times. However, we would still promote the patient to be physically present during the healing session to have the belief system to click in.

Q: What do you do during a healing session?
A: There are multiple things done during the healing sessions, especially during the first healing session, wherein we set dialogue to understand the nature of problem, understand the psychology of patient, EXPECTATION OF THE PATIENT FROM THE HEALING SESSION, positions of chakra, scanning the subtle body, etc. Once these activities are done, the healer ascertains the best course of action for the patient and heals accordingly.

Q: Is holistic healing like to particular Religion or Belief system?
A: This is again another question that I encounter quite often. Does the Religion or Belief system matter or your health? I don’t think so that by any means the Religion or Belief system is ahead of your physical or mental health; they why ask this question?
Despite the argument, I would like to amply clarify that the energy harnessed for healing is the Universal force or energy, which DOES NOT HAVE ANY CONNECT TO THE RELIGION OR BELIEF SYSTEMS.

Q: I have seen the holistic healers moving hands during healing, as if they are trying to draw something. What do they do?
A: The human mind is quite attached to physical for to associate to anything. This is a human trait or shortcoming and we are building on top of it. Similarly, to set the belief system of both healer and patient there were symbols designed, drawn, preached and then practiced for manifesting thoughts for attracting the Universal energies for overall health and prosperity.