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16 Dec 2016

The event was a close group of highly placed energy 17 odd professionals from different walks of practices like Vastu, Reiki, Tarot, etc.  
Dr. Sanjay Kumar Deb spoke about energies and their association with life.   What is energy and how can they be felt.  He also demonstrated different tips and tricks of showing energies.  He also demonstrated energy display without usage of any symbols by just invoking the Universal energy with mere thoughts.
This group being of highly acclaimed professionals had already clear understanding of the field and they themselves were practicing professionally, could clearly understand and appreciate a few new dimension brought to the entire subject of energies and spirituality.
No pictures were taken for anonymity purpose. 

Spreading the Lights of Diwali

30 Oct 2016

This is the event organized at Sai Old Age Home at Todarpur, New Delhi.  The Old Age Home has around 20 odd inhabitants.  The event was organized on the day of Diwali where the Team including children and Panchgavya expert as participants. The old age home was decorated with flowers and scented hand made candles by Antarman Jagriti Trust itself.  Children also presented dance for the happiness of the children.  The day was well received by the inmates in the Old Age Home.  We could clearly sense of joy in the eyes of inmates of the Old Age home.
Thanks for giving us the chance of being with you and help giving a new meaning to Diwali.​

Self Heal Power Centres - Dwarka Sec - 6 Park

15 Oct 2016

This event was done for energy orientation for a small group of people to have the sense of what energy is and how the energies can been seen, felt, smelled, heard and tasted.  
People from different walks of life participated to understand the energy sensing and then incorporate the same in the daily walk of life.
The post workshop feedback had some amazing input which cannot be publicly shared, but was very useful for the participants in varied ways.

Power of Sub-Conscious Mind

26 Oct 2016

This was an event was done in The Indian Height School at Sec-23 Dwarka, New Delhi. The participants had entire Class IX and X and faculty members. This event was to groom the young kids on what is power of sub-conscious mind and how to use the same in day to day life.  The event had a demonstration of quick results of power of sub-conscious mind during the session itself.
The event was quite well appreciated and the school even recognized the efforts of Dr. Sanjay Kumar Deb and gave them a letter of appreciation and small indoor planter.