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It was observed that during wars in China, when the battles were fought using old battle techniques like throwing of stones and arrows, some soldiers who got wounded got rid or felt relieved from old aliments they had been suffering for long time. This was a very unnatural act, which when investigated gave birth to the belief and thereafter theory of non-co-relative theory of healing to help alleviate from sickness or injury.  At this inception point, when patterns of such experiences were evident, the ancient Chinese physicians developed and documented experiences of curing different ailments by pressing or piercing points in body's different parts. Acupressure is originating from Acupuncture.
The origins of acupressure and acupuncture are ancient and aligns to the times the impulse to hold forehead when there is headache. Use of hands have been experienced by everyone as a spontaneously reaction by placing them at the place of pain in the body. The Chinese discovered Acupressure more than 5,000 years ago by understanding that pressing certain points on the body relieved pain. Originally Acus, a Latin word, which means Needle and Pressure is the origin of Acupressure. Acupressure techniques' base is on alternative medicine therapy which believes that the concept of life energy flowing through "meridians"; hence, the treatment is connected to application of physical pressure on those acupressure points to clear blockages in the meridians to create normalcy.
Elementary composition of any Human body is considered to be combining of five elements— Akash, Agni, Prithvi, Vayu and Jala. These basic elementary composition is part of any living or non-living being in the mother nature.  Living beings distinct them by adding Prana as the sixth essential element in all living beings. Presence of Prana is life and health, imbalance of Prana (deficiency or excess) results in ill health/disease and ultimate absence of Prana results in death. Thus the self-healing mechanism, by which a person sub-consciously presses and massages the different parts of the body out of pain during illness.
Pressing or massaging and stimulate the points are done to clear the meridian or Prana, which eventually results in clearing of obstruction in the meridian or Prana. The requirement of healthy life is to ensure the balancing and continuity of Prana for ensuring body gets correctly healed.
Traditional Chinese medicine (TCM) theory emphasis on identification and selection of points that can lead to stimulate balancing of energies in meridian system to bring relief by rebalancing Qi ("Chi") or vital life force.  The balancing is done using the correct composition Yin & Yang (in Hindu mythology this is known as Ardh Narishwar) or balancing of Male and Female energies or balancing of creation and destruction.  The ill health or disease is the outcome of any resident problem in the body, but the problem cannot be done by treating the ill health, rather it can be done by uprooting the source of problem.
Acupressure releives and eventually cures majority of the health problems that are experienced by human beings. Dieseases like arthritis, emotional-stress, chronic pain, digestive disorders, degenerative diseases are most commonly being treated by Acupressure/Acupuncture practitioners.
This practice is being carried out for the benefits of people and can be accessible easily for the people at Dwarka, Delhi, Gurugram or Guragon, Noida, etc.