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Mr. Alok Kumar Deb

Dr. Sanjay Kumar Deb

About Founders - Dr. Sanjay Kumar Deb along with his father Mr. Alok Kumar Deb are the key founder of the Antarman Jagriti Trust, A Centre for Soul Rejuvenation. 

Mr. Alok Kumar Deb is a philanthrophical person with golden heart.  He is one of the most calm and composed person and love promoting everyone, even at the cost of self.  He has served the Nation through Indian Air Force for an elongated period of 35 years and been at the entire length and breadth of the country as Avionic Engineer.  He is fluent in speaking many Indian regional languages.  His strong foundation has been induced by his schooling in Ramakrishna Missions.

Dr. Sanjay Kumar Deb has got a couple of Grand Master titles in various healing modalities, apt at Acupressure, Bach flower remedies and other self learnt modalities like scrying, dowsing, etc.  He practices Scientific Vastu and Numerology.  He had been an avid learner who always had been an inquest to identify the unseen principles behind the acts.  In the search of the basic principles he had undertaken multiple modes of healings in various disciplines from many gurus (including Mr. Google) and has now come out with very quick and easy healing modalities.  Besides this he is huge career experience in varied fields like Serving the Nation by active Defence Service, Corporate world in the field of Information Security and Compliance at senior positions.  He holds Doctorate in Alternative Medicine, B. Com, M. Com, MBA (Personnel), MBA (International Marketing), GNIIT, CISA, CISM, CPISI, BCCS, DRCS, ISO 27001 LA, ITIL V3 Foundation as few of his qualification and International certifications.

He very frequently ventures out and deliver free* lectures on healings.  These lectures and completely practical class where the students will do experiments and confirm themselves on the results without biases.   All I need is someone to volunteer for a venue and assuring me some participants (ideally I expect the participants to be keen seeker for help)
* The basic principle of receiving should be complemented with giving.  This is a principle of balancing.  When you receive the session you have many ways of paying back.
  1. You pay to the Guru/Master/Mentor (whatever you want to name) in either Cash or Kind or to the Trust Bank Account.
  2. You pay to some needy human in either Cash or Kind and say in your mind that giving the donation that you are paying is towards acknowledgement for healing.
  3. Feed Animals, Bird, insects, fishes or any other form of life and say in your mind that giving the donation that you are paying is towards acknowledgement for healing.
  4. Sacrifice any of your dear habit for any stipulated number of days and say in your mind that the sacrifice that you are doing is towards acknowledgement for healing.